The Run Game

Clairton High School's (PA) offense averaged 59.9 points per game or a total of 958 points over a 16 game schedule last season. The team finished 15-1. Clairton's balanced attack produced 8,162 total yards with nearly 500 yards rushing per game. Offensive Coordinator Shawn Liotta recently completed a five-set series of DVDs on his prolific offense, now available at

In this second DVD, Coach Liotta details his running game. In this video you will learn:

  • Specific running game objectives.
  • A run game overview including 3 base concepts and complimentary runs.
  • Identifying the defense in order to attack it.
  • Base defensive fronts including the 32, 42, 43, 34 and Bear.
  • The importance of protecting the box with screens.
  • The concept of the run game with screens attached.
  • 6 motions used in the run game - Jet, YoYo, Loop, Early, River/Lake and Ram/Lion.
  • Attacking various coverages to Jet Motion.
  • Power running concepts with blocking rules.
  • Actual run plays including Jet Power, Power with a Screen Attached, Power Option, and QB Power.
  • How to create conflict with a false key.
  • Inside Zone concepts including blocking rules.
  • Run plays from the Inside Zone including motion, trips, early motion, jet motion, and two-back inside zone.
  • Outside zone concepts with blocking rules.

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  • My recent purchase of "No Huddle No Mercy" five DVD series was money well spent! Coach Liotta explains his high paced offense and each aspect of the game from installation to game planning. I was glued to my computer watching this DVD series and as one ended, I was looking forward to the next! This offensive system can be installed in its entirety or you could adapt to your offensive system. I really enjoyed the video clips that help explain his offensive juggernaut operates. Two things that really stood out were the powerpoints that are included with the purchase of the DVD's and Coach Shawn Liotta's accessibility to questions. I wish you continued success coach and am looking forward to installing "No Huddle No Mercy" offense. read more testimonials...

    Thank You,

    Kevin McNulty
    Head Football Coach
    Ilwaco High School
    Ilwaco, Washington

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